Upgrade Options

1) Floating Intake – $98 to $125

Utilizes the most aerobic and sediment free water near the top of the water tank for the domestic supply instead of from near the bottom.

2) H202 Hydrogen Peroxide – $45

We supply H202 in 35% food grade, one gallon containers for stopping algae and bacteria and for sterilizing purposes. The H202 sold by drug stores is 3% and NOT food grade.

3) Tank Level Indicator – $50

Sits above the water tank cover and shows the water level. Bracket and installation are extra.

4) Whole House Filter and UV Systems – $754

• Complete high flow triple filter unit with brackets, gauges, and extra filters. UV Sterilization is available for 100% safe, sterile water.

• Makes every outlet in the house free of sediment and bacteria down to one micron, without restricting the water flow.

• Eco Clean System keeps the tank contamination-free from rodents, birds, insects and debris washing into the tank during rainfall. Link to Eco Clean

• First Flush System discards the first few gallons of water at the start of rainfall so accumulated dirt on the roof does not wash into the tank. Link to Eco Clean

5) Double Premium Mesh Cover

This is the best way to actually prevent too much algae in water storage tanks. Price depends on size.

6) 2” S-80 Bottom Flange Upgrade and 2” Ball Valve – $85

• Larger sizes are also available.

7) Optional 4” Incoming Water System – $270

• Works through the bottom of the tank. Includes 4” S-80 tank adapter flange and all pipe and fittings from “stub out.”

8) Optional 4” or 6” Larger Overflow System – $270 and up

• Used to keep up with incoming water.

9) Galvanized Dome Frame Support System – $485 and $585

• Dome framework holds the Premium Mesh Cover in a dome shape so it naturally sheds leaves and debris. Does not interfere with the cover.