How the Eco Clean System Works


Eco Products Maui is now offering rain water harvesting products and systems originally developed in Australia that we consider to be the first real advancement in water catchment technology since the invention of galvanized tanks with liners after WWII. Previously rainwater was seldom filtered or cleaned between the roof and the water tank so leaves, debris, insect and even rodent and bird bodies could wash into the water storage tank creating bacterial contamination.

Conventionally water is taken from near the bottom of the tank where there is more sediment and less oxygen. The new Eco Clean system offers a “floating intake” system so that the most aerobic water from near the top is utilized first and the incoming water is directed to near the bottom.

We offer a complete “in tank” system for small or moderate sized roof systems. For larger roof sizes we offer high volume self cleaning screen filtration and high volume basket screen filtration. Both of the larger whole roof filter systems can handle up to 2 4″ ·pipes of incoming pipes of water. We also offer individual “one on each downspout” tank protection systems. We have installed “first flush” systems but we have found that it is far better to screen all of the incoming roof water then just the first 5 or so gallons.

Advantages of Eco Clean Products and Systems

  • All the roof water is double screen filtered of leaves and debris before entering the water tank.
  • The water enters the storage tank at the bottom through a “calmed” inlet instead of at the top of the tank pushing the stored water toward the oxygenated area near the top.(possible option)
  • On our “in tank” system the innovative “Dual siphon overflow system” has several advantages over the conventional system.
  • With any water tank system the revolutionary “Floating Intake” system can be installed. A float maintains a screened intake and flexible pipe for the water pump at the cleanest location in the tank. Instead of near the bottom where sediment settles. The “Floating Intake” system works perfectly whether the pump is in or out of the water tank. We highly recommend installing the floating intake system on domestic systems. For agricultural water supplying from the bottom is fine.
  • “In Tank” pump system is ultra quiet and requires no “pump shed”. Only the controls and a  pressure tank are outside of the water tank with this system·
  • Automatic pump controllers have a “low water cut off feature” to prevent damage to the pump when there is no water supply available. The new solid state pump controllers offer reliability and efficiency and do not require the large expensive bladder type pressure tanks used with conventional pump switches saving hundreds of dollars.

The “EcoClean” Rainwater System Works Like This

The rainwater usually comes from the house gutters to the tank and then through a 4” PVC pipe either through the bottom or over the top of the tank. ·The Eco Clean concept it to put screened clean water into the tank, keep it secure and use a floating intake in water from near the surface to supply the domestic system with the best water.
We recommend in most situations that the rain harvest from the roof comes underground to the tank and in through the bottom then the cover is not disturbed and there are no visible pipes on the outside of the tank or through the cover.

The optional “in tank” Eco Clean water tank system (Blue triagle roof filter)

With the “in tank”  Eco Clean system all the incoming rainwater is then filtered by a two stage self cleaning stainless steel screen filter located just above the maximum water level. The leaves, dirt and other debris are thereby kept out of the water storage which contributes to reduction of algae and bacteria. When the tank is full of water the additional rainfall comes through the two wide mouth skimmers and carries the debris out the bottom of the tank and away from the foundation. The overflow water can then be directed to plants, trees, or a pond. The “in tank” Eco Clean system works best for small or medium roof catchment. We have other whole roof  filters in two larger size models shown below:

how it workshow it works

For “in tank” systems the EcoClean “skimmer” overflow has two wide mouth entrances that skim whatever is floating on the surface of the stored water. The skimmer overflow incorporates a siphon system which prevents any creature from crawling up the pipes and getting access to the tank.· The overflow system uses a 4” PVC pipe just like the incoming water so it can keep up heavy incoming rainfall.

For larger roof catchment systems EPM recommends that the whole roof filter be mounted before the water tank as tis large size can interferes with the water tank cover. The blue triangular shaped whole roof filter fits in the tank and under the dome shaped frame support and fits together with the other “in tank” components of the Eco Clean System including the dual siphon overflow and the calmed in let.

In a conventional water storage system whether well, catchment or metered water the outgoing water supply is on or near the bottom of the tank where the water is more laden with silt and less oxygenated.

In the new EcoClean system the domestic water is supplied to a pump by a new “floating intake” system. Eco Products uses a system consisting of a flexible potable water hose terminating with a screened check valve. (The screened inlet protects the pump and the check valve prevents water from going back from the pump system into the tank)· There is a floating ball which keeps the water supply inlet approximately 6” from the water surface thereby utilizing the most oxygenated and cleanest water in the tank for the pump supply. As the water level changes the float keeps the intake at the optimum point at all times.


The EcoClean system components work together to insure the cleanest possible rainwater in and out of your water storage tank.

To guarantee maximum water purity we recommended installing a Whole House Filter and UV System so that all the water in your entire home will be totally safe.

The EcoClean Rainwater system implements “state of the art” technology” that make it “cutting edge rainwater system available in the world”.