Eco Products Maui offers a complete line of demand water heaters. We offer propane and energy efficient electric refrigerators for PV powered homes. We also offer solar water heating systems that satisfy Maui County’s building permit requirements.


Propane Demand Water Heaters

These heaters have proven to be extremely reliable and Eco Products Maui offers a guarantee for free replacement and free parts for two years. Both units feature a modern flame-less electronic ignition from two “D” batteries instead of having a pilot light burning 24/7. Both have battery ignition which means no pilot light to go out or waste propane. The battery ignition requires 2 “D” batteries. Both come with propane hose and regulator, as well as a portable type shower hose and head and a brass garden hose adapter for an instant or portable hot water supply. These units are so inexpensive to run, and so easy to set up, that they are commonly used to wash horses or other animals and for other outdoor farm and ranch purposes needing hot water at any remote location where there is hose water and a small propane tank available.

  • Both sizes of water heaters can be plumbed into house plumbing with 1/2″ NPT fittings (USA standard) and both come with a quality propane regulator and hose that is ready to hook up to a standard propane tank.
  • All are brand new in the box with full factory warranties and an additional guarantee from Eco Products Maui.


L-5 Water Heater

Price: $225

First, high quality Tankless Water Heaters make continuously strong hot water. The smaller unit, the L-5, will make enough hot water for a good hot shower for as long as you like. The smaller water heater (L-5) works best located fairly close to the shower. The L-5 will serve a family in a residence, but only one thing (shower or sink) at a time. The basic water heater also makes a great portable camp or outdoor shower. The L-5 can serve endless good hot showers or run the kitchen sink, one at a time. The smaller unit is the same output as the old Paloma PH 6 (adequate for one shower, sink, washer, or other hot water use at a time), but it’s improved with a battery ignition instead of requiring a pilot light 24/7.


L-10 Water Heater

Price: $399

The larger unit, the L-10, is about the same size and output as the old Paloma PH 12. The larger L-10 unit allows use of a sink and shower at the same time, or a longer distance to the shower, or to a 2nd bathroom from the hot water heater location.


RINNAI Water Heater

Price: $800

We supply and install the RINNAI demand water heater which is an absolutely top quality water heater from Japan. I am convinced that Rinnai is the most reliable and efficient water heater available in the world! At Eco Products Maui, we are proud to offer a sizable discount on the 5.3 gallon per minute exterior mounted model. For only $800, plus installation, you will have enough water to run two bathrooms at the same time or fill a bathtub quickly. Eco Products Maui supplies other good water heaters, such as the Paloma brand, but Rinnai appears to be the very best.


Solar Water Heating Systems

Eco Products Maui offers Modern Solar Water Heating systems manufactured by top quality Sun Earth Solar Water heating. Maui County has been requiring a Solar Water Heating system on every new home in Maui County. Here below is a basic system that provides water for a normal home and fulfills the County Building requirements. This system can be expanded to suit other situations and demands.

This system has been installed in Haiku Maui and has been providing adequate hot water.

Any permits required are the responsibility of the customer/owner/builder.

System Components:

  • Sun Earth 80-gallon side-connect solar tank
  • 2 units EP32 top quality 4’ x 8’ Sun Earth Solar Collectors
  • 120VAC 1/25th HP solar pump
  • Steca temperature control kit
  • Thermometer and 240 VAC grey box timer
  • Pressure release valve
  • Solar struts and hangars for installation
  • All fittings, valves, and pipes necessary for installation

The Sun Earth Solar Hot Water System comes with back up and onsite delivery and installation.


Price : $4,559 includes Delivery and Installation 


Propane Refrigerators

Eco Products Maui has supplied propane refrigerators on Maui for many years, currently supplying Servell brand refrigerator/freezer units made by Dometic. Although many models can be ordered, we usually stock Servell on Maui. The units cool down well and are efficient with propane.

  • The white fridge/freezer is 24″ wide and 56″ tall and has a functional freezer.
  • The refrigerators usually consume about five gallons of propane every two weeks and last 8-12 years.
  • All are brand new in the box with full factory warranties.

Price : $1,325