Flat Cover Framework

All our Water Tanks Systems include our Premium Mesh Cover with Flat Cover Support System.

The Premium Mesh Covers are sewn with a reinforced hem and solid brass grommets for the installation. The Flat Cover Support System for the tanks uses lines of vinyl covered aircraft cable across the top of the tank and attached to the side with stainless steel turnbuckles, etc. This cable system keeps the cover from excessive sagging and preserves its longevity. It keeps the cover secure and keeps the cover from sagging to the water level and “prevents the bird bath effect.”

This system works best for many situations where there is no trees dropping debris above or near the water tank. This basic flat cover support system serves as a rain catch source. If it is to be installed in a very windy area, another layer of cables can be installed above the cover to minimize flapping. Eco Products Maui recommends using vinyl covered aircraft under the flat covers on our larger sized water tank to keep the cover from excessive sagging and preserve its longevity.

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