Larger Capacity (1.5 – 2 HP+)

High Volume and Pressure Single

We offer several models of high volume and/or high pressure single and dual pump systems from the “top of the line” Grundfos vertical CR series in 1hp 1.5hp and 2hp + and the more economical but reliable USA made Sta-rite horizontal multi-stage pumps up to 3 hp.

Also we have variable speed drive (VSD) systems available with digital controllers that keep the pump operation at the level of demand and master controllers that alternate the operation of each pump equally.

There are many models of pumps available to exactly suit your domestic, fire or agricultural demands so in both dual and single configurations. Please feel free to email or phone for a consultation and proposal

Below we have a high pressure domestic pump system that has been installed on Maui where one bathroom was located 70’ vertically above the water tank and pump height.

Custom example Components:

Each Sta-rite multi stage horizontal pump provides up to 70 psi at 70’ height and 43 psi at 70’ height at 25 gpm. More volume at less height. Several other models are available.

  • Dual 2 Hp Sta-Rite (USA Made) High Pressure High Volume Water Pump System
  • Check valve and 0-100 PSI Liquid filled gauge.
  • Non corrosive lined small pressure tank.
  • 2 units top quality Stainless Steel adjustable rebuildable 25 gpm CSV cycle stop valves for even pump flow and pressure.
  • 2 units adjustable high pressure controllers with dry run protection.
  • 2’’ PVC Installation Kit installation kit.

Price: $5000

Please inquire to about a system for your exact needs.

Installation labor and electrical hook up are not included.