Introduction to Dual Pump Systems

We’ve been selling water pumps for the past 20+ years and in that time I’ve come to expect service issues at one time or another, usually on a weekend. The service life of the best available quality components is usually about 8-10+ years. Given my experience, I highly recommend, if you can afford it, purchasing one of our dual pump systems which, due to the incorporation of the CSVs (Cycle Stop Valves), have the smooth, even performance of a VSD (Variable Speed Drive) from minimum demand to full capacity of both pumps at once should the need arise. The CSV pressure-controlled dual pump systems we offer have three advantages over a single pump system.


  • Reliability. With redundant components, we are ready for the failure of a critical component.
  • Efficiency. Since one single pump is sufficient most of the time much less power is needed.
  • Capacity. Double the capacity of the master pump is available automatically on demand.
  • Smooth Action. CSV systems have even flow and pressure through the range of both pumps.

Dual Pump System Advantages

Due to recent technological advances, it has become economical to install two pumps side-by-side in tandem operation to provide several clear advantages over a conventional single pump system.


Dual pumps provide a complete redundant back up of all vital components. If any critical component in a pump system fails, the water system is compromised and often will not supply adequate water. There are several necessary parts of a water supply system. The water pump, electric motor, power supply, check valve, pressure tank, and controller are all critical. To provide duplicates of all critical components, a 2nd pump is installed that’s instantly available should the first system fail at any time. This provides security for owners knowing they can be anywhere and that family or tenants will not be without the water supply.


When two smaller water pumps are installed most of the time only one pump is operating using much less power than a single larger pump.  EG. A ½ horsepower pump uses about 375 watts and runs 3 things at the same time. Most of the time that is sufficient to meet the demands of a small household.  One smaller pump uses only half the power of a larger pump saving electrical power the majority of the time. These systems have proven to be efficient in PV systems on Maui.


Another good advantage of installing two identical pump systems in tandem is that, if for any reason the capacity of the master pump is reached, the secondary pump automatically engages and meets the increased demand up to the full capacity of both pumps.

Smooth Action CSV (Cycle Stop Valve)

Our modern water pump systems incorporate the use of a CSV also known as Cycle Stop Valve. One of its features eliminates the rapid and potentially damaging on/off cycling of a water pump without installing a large pressure tank. The CSV component also creates an even flow of both pressure and volume throughout the entire range of pump output. This means there is a rush of water flow when water use empties the large pressure tank and the controller turns the pump back on and rapidly starts pumping. With the CSV, the flow and pressure remain even and smooth from the situation of filling a toilet and stays even as more valves are opened to the maximum output of both pumps. We supply an adjustable, rebuildable, lead-free, bronze CSVs with our Eco Single and Dual Pump Systems. Our Dual pump system offers the finest possible performance otherwise only matched by expensive VSD (Variable Speed Drive) electronic controllers. (These types are still available.)