We offer a line of micron water filtration with extra large heavy duty housings. We use 1” pipe diameter Filter Housings so as to not to reduce the pressure in the whole house. These systems remove the bacteria, algae and sediment normally found in stored water from rain or well water. Purifying all the water used in the house including the hot water  is practical and economical with our triple filter systems.

We offer solid carbon block filtration for chlorinated systems and UV light systems for those who want to know their water is 100% sterilized without removing the minerals and fresh taste from the water.


Triple Filter System for Stored Rain Water


This system is designed especially for catchment systems. It is fine for other good sources such as a well. We use 3 very large filter housings in a series; all have a full 1″ flow-thru so as not to reduce the final pressure in the house. (Each is 24” long and 7” wide).

The first filter is 20 microns to remove sediment; the second is 5 microns and the third is 1 micron to prevent organic and bacterial contamination from the air or roof from getting into the house water system. The cartridges need to be changed every couple of months in extreme situations such as pumping from a stream, and less often in normal catchment use where the water is fairly sediment free.

Eco Products recommends that you use a pressure gauge before the filters and one after the 3 filters. With a gauge on both sides of the filters you can see incoming and outgoing pressure to easily determine when the filters need to be changed. We recommend changing the filters once per year even if they are not clogged.

System Price Component: $ 754


System Components Includes

  • 3 Large “Big Blue” type 24” by 7” Double “O” ring Filter Housings
  • Manufacturer supplied, heavy-duty, set of three stainless steel installation brackets and stainless lags for the housings
  • One special housing wrench for changing the filters
  • One extra “O” ring for these housings
  • Two liquid filled 0-100 psi gauges
  • One complete set of 3 extra filters: One 20 micron, one 5-10 micron and one 1 micron.

This System Does Not Include

Labor and pvc or rigid copper pipe and fittings. We offer installation kits in S 40 for $95 for most situations.



Basic UV Light Purification System


Eco Products offers several UV Light systems. The 15 gpm single bulb unit is recommended for most domestic systems. UV is best those who want to know their filtered water is 100% pure and free form bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites. The triple filter and UV system allows even stream water to be 100% safe. We also offer a dual bulb 24 gpm system for extra high flow systems. For those stuck on County water we offer solid carbon block filtration in an economical one housing system.

System Price Component: $ 775


System Components Includes:

  • Campbell Integrated Ballast All Stainless Steel 15 gpm UV light system

Optional Purolator 15 gpm UV system in Big Blue type housing $700 with extra bulb

This System Does Not Include:

  • Labor and pvc or rigid copper pipe and fittings.
  • Doesn’t include Bulb: $95 extra.

We offer installation kits in S 40 PVC for $95 for most situations.



High Volume UV Light Purification System


For larger homes or commercial applications we offer the Dual Bulb High Volume UV Light System. The 24 GPM UV unit is adequate to protect  about 8 + faucets and appliances at the same time.

System Price Component: $ 1270


System Components Includes

  • Campbell Integrated Ballast All Stainless Steel 24 gpm Dual bulb UV light system
  • 2 Extra Bulb for Replacement

This System Does Not Include

Labor or installation materials.

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