Dome Cover Framework

The dome shaped frame work cover is optimal in situations where debris will fall or blow onto the tank. A framework with a center ring and 8 poles to support the cover which are fitted to 8 strong support brackets at the edge of the tank. Both framework systems fit inside the tank framework and support proper sealing of the tank perimeter. Both dome frame support systems give the tank a nice more rounded appearance and keep shedding any debris which falls on the cover.The multi-strut dome framework systems fully support the Premium Mesh Cover and provides the longest cover life and best appearance. Both frameworks create an attractive aerodynamic cover shape that performs well in windy sites and shed most any leaves and debris from surrounding trees.

3 Dome Shape Cover Framework Options

  • The Fiberglass Dome Framework Cover Support is a system of 8 solid fiberglass poles that lock together in a fiberglass center ring and clip at the tank perimeter. Fiberglass has the advantage of being totally rust free. This system requires a center pole. This system is best with our 22′ diameter or smaller size tanks
  • The Galvanized Steel Dome Framework Cover Support system uses 8 galvanized rods from a center ring and mounts inside the perimeter of the tank. The Galvanized steel dome framework is adequate to support the Premium mesh cover without a center pole support tank diameters to 28′.
  • Center Pole System  uses the same type aircraft cables as the basic “Flat Cover Support System” and pushes up the center of the tank with a high center pole and base creating a cone shape to shed debris. This system is easy to install and economical. This “Center Pole System” is not as good in the wind or gentle on the cover as the two dome framework systems nor does it provide the aesthetic of the finished dome framed shape.